about me

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I was born in Germany, but raised in Florida. My name is a mispronounced Irish county. That lot probably explains quite a bit. Florida, even by itself, gives a person pause.

Over the last seventeen years my commissioned plays for young audiences have been performed over 15,000 times for an audience of four million students.

For hire or my own work, jukebox musicals, kids plays, solo shows, ridiculous tragicomedies—I’m always navigating the divides and intersections between the demands of a large audience and my own anarcho-satirical instincts.

I agree with David Mamet’s notion that our best dramas are like dreams, in that they wrestle with unanswerable questions.

I believe August Wilson’s Fences should replace Hamlet as the theatrical lingua franca, because, after all, Fences is perfect.

I love my wife and my dog.

I also love theatre; I write it, direct it, perform, and teach.