Amnesia – the human experience

So, I’m directing these young actors in one of my grad school classes, and I’m exhausted, and it’s the end of the semester, and it’s festival season, and life, and blah blah blah, but every time I leave a rehearsal I’m energized.

And there’s something about directing young people that reminds me of the theatrical concepts in which I believe. Maybe sometimes I’m reminded just of things in life I believe.

I need to be reminded because I forget.

Sometimes I forget after a few months.

Sometimes I forget as soon as I leave the room.

Forgetting is easy. And I don’t remember if it’s Plato or Aristotle, but one of those very smart Greek guys seemed to think that the process of learning is actually the process of remembering all the information you acquired in your past lives and through the collective consciousness, which sounds kind of complicated and crazy, but it’s good to remember that remembering is just as easy as forgetting.

Doing, acting, making, it all comes back. A rush. A brilliant rush.