“Pictures of Marilyn”

This fall I will be returning to BB’s Stage Door Canteen at the National WWII Museum to direct “Pictures of Marilyn,” a new musical for which I also wrote the book.

All audition info is listed below.

Written and Directed by Cavan Hallman
Rehearsals begin: September 12, 2016
Show Runs: Friday and Saturday nights, Sunday Matinee – October 7, 2016 – November 27, 2016
Description: This captivating musical tracks Hollywood’s most iconic beauty from her days as a WWII factory worker up to the triumphant establishment of Marilyn Monroe Productions. She overcomes the influences of lovers Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller, the controlling grip of the studios, and her own anxieties to achieve her dream of true independence.

All characters are based on historical figures.
All actors (except Marilyn) will be expected to play other small ensemble roles, people at parties, etc…
NORMA JEANE / MARILYN – (21 to 30)
AMY GREENE / HELEN – (20s to early 30’s)
Amy Greene is assured and composed, a former fashion magazine editor, and a Cuban immigrant without traces of an accent. Only three years older than Marilyn, she is a positive maternal figure for the star, and married to photographer Milton Greene. Helen is a fictional friend of Norma Jean’s, also a young wife, quick-witted and a little bawdy. Must sing.
NATASHA LYTESS – (40 to 45)
Stern acting coach who begins as Columbia’s head coach and then proceeds to work as Marilyn’s private drama teacher. Born in Berlin, Natasha tries to avoid anti-German sentiment by masking her German accent into something vaguely European. There is a deep love between Marilyn and Natasha, however Natasha manipulates the actress’ insecurities into codependence. Must sing.
JOE DIMAGGIO – (late 30s)
Tall and still in excellent shape two years after retiring from the New York Yankees. Despite his strength and success, he often appears shy and uncomfortable. He is quick with a big goofy smile. His relationship with Marilyn was a passionate one, and unfortunately that passion often manifested in jealousy and volatility. Must sing.
Slick-talking and easygoing band leader. Looks great in a white tuxedo. Can charm almost anyone into anything. Loves Marilyn unconditionally and serves as her confidante. Must sing. Must play the trumpet. Excellent dancer.
ARTHUR MILLER – (late 30s to early 40s)
Very tall and skinny, intellectual, brooding with deliberate speech. He is ruled by the same moral and ethical dilemmas of his classic plays. He is attracted to Marilyn’s sensuality, but they also share dark inner lives. Must sing.
MILTON GREENE – (early 30s)
A short and confident photographer who specializes in glamorous shots of female celebrities. He and his wife Amy, to whom he is incredibly devoted, let Marilyn stay at their house for three years. He is an ambitious businessman who helps her form Marilyn Monroe productions. Must sing.
Character actor adept at large persona shifts. Characters range from the charismatic Hollywood actor and host Bob Hope, to a tyrannical studio mogul. Must sing.

Date of Audition: Saturday, April 16, 2016 – 11:00AM to 3:00PM by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Call Jessica Leach at 504-528-1944 ext. 287 for more details or to schedule an audition.
Where: BB’s Stage Door Canteen at The National WW2 Museum-945 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA.
Prepare 16 bars of an up tempo and 16 bars of a ballad. Accompanist provided.