R.I.P. Ziggy

Let’s start with the obvious – David Bowie was the tops.


After all the good vibes from joining in the Bowie second line, literally rubbing elbows with Win Butler, it only seemed appropriate to keep the tribute going by getting a group of super-talented people together and reading my play “Hunky Dory,” inspired by Bowie’s album of the same name.


Thanks to Katie Hallman and Max Williams for hosting us at Le Petit.

Readers included:

Eric Charleston, Cecile Monteyne, Logan Faust, Jim Fitzmorris, Maggie Corbett, Katie Hallman, Garrett Prejean, Philip Yiannopoulos, Ashley Rose Bailey, Ian Hoch, Becca Chapman, Max Williams, Natalie Boyd, Meghan Shea, and Mike Spara.

Music was provided by Rory Sullivan.